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Tell me which OC or what you want me to put in and I will put it in but send me the points first and then I'll begin and tag you in the finished part

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Mary K
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
IRL name: Mary Kolodziej
IRL age: Fifteen
Some stuff I like to do: Watch TV, draw on MS paint, draw on paper, draw in general, post on Google plus, making MLP bases, and being random
Some shows I like: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Powerpuff Girls (1998 series), Codename: Kids Next Door, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, My Life as a Teenage Robot, The Fairly OddParents, The Loud House, and Teen Titans (NOT Teen Titans Go!)
Some other stuff I like: 1970s music, anime, manga

Welp have fun here
My other accounts: :iconapple-shy: :iconstarfleet-timelord:

(by :iconbloodlover2222:! Thank you so much :)

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Ok my library is closing soon so I gtg but next week I will

1) upload a thing I legit had an idea for when I commented it as a crossover thing on my friend's deviation (aka Rainbow dash, Star Butterfly and Mabel pines chasing Numbuh 4 around Freddy Fazbear) (Freddy is not amused btw)

2) Actually I probably won't be able to upload it next week cuz it's gonna take a while XDD

3) Make a Bliss icon and upload it

4) make a Narci Butch icon and upload it

5) Be random 24/7

6) Post this status
RRB Squad: Up to no good as usual
Original Base Here!! -->…
Original Base by riripinkz (:iconriripinkz:)

The purple-shirt one is the RRB version of Bunny
Five Nights at Blossom's 2: Bubbles
*Cue Groundbreaking's Bonnie Song here*

Yeah Bubbles is Bonnie in this crossover thing OwO

So basically the whole thing is after the original Powerpuff Girls series ends, they make a themed restaurant about it with animatronic robots of the PPG called Blossom's Pizza Place (IK bad name), and all goes well until five children from Pokey Oaks Kindergarten disappear and are never seen again. The animatronic Powerpuffs (Blossom is Freddy, Bubbles is Bonnie, Bliss is Chica, Buttercup is Foxy, and Bunny is Golden Freddy) are discontinued because according to workers at the restaurant they "smelled bad. Like, really bad." The place shuts down. However, in the year 2016, the restaurant re-opens. The animatronic Puffs have a new design [Reboot Blossom is Toy Freddy, Reboot Bubbles is Toy Bonnie, Bell (from PPG Doujinshi) is Toy Chica, Reboot Buttercup is Mangle, Mitch is Balloon Boy, Brick is the Puppet], and new characters have been created as well. For some reason, the restaurant franchise used the old robots as models for the new ones, meaning that they were kept. Welp, after the kids disappeared the restaurant wanted someone to keep an eye on the place, so they hired a 20-year-old boy named Butch as a security guard for 120 dollars a week, and he gets a flashlight and a Blossom mask as well. Not that much money, but it's still something, so Butch takes the job. His first night's report said that everything went well, except for some man's voice from the phone (Phone Guy is Prof. Utonium) creeping him out with stories about a "Bite of 98" and a "Red Demon" (Bite of 1998, aka the PPG show beginning and the Bite of 87, and Red Demon=Him), but as the week went on his reports got weirder and weirder with things like "the robots move at night" and "WHY IS THE BALLOON KID STARING AT ME HE CREEPS ME OUT" until on the fifth night he never made a report. No investigation was made to find him. He was just a guard, they thought. But a report WAS sent in, actually. On the first night of the next week's security guard (Boomer), a paper was sent in with only two words on it: IT'S ME.

And in response to the pic above: Original Bubbles wants her spot back. 

And in response to the story: I think I thought this through WAY too much. Not intended... I'm sorry... OwO
:.Brickercup.: Brick Icon: Um... Guys what are you doing?!
:.Blossomoomer.: Boomer Icon: We're cosplaying :3
:.Butchubbles.: Butch Icon: As eachother
:.Brickercup.: Brick Icon: WHY are you doing that?!
:.Butchubbles.: Butch Icon: It was Boomer's idea
:.Brickercup.: Brick Icon: *facepalms* of course it was
:.Blossomoomer.: Boomer Icon: HEY what's that supposed to mean?!
:.Brickercup.: Brick Icon: Oh nothing except that you're the only one that would come up with such a stupid idea
:.Butchubbles.: Butch Icon: Yeah
:.Blossomoomer.: Boomer Icon: YOU TAKE THAT BACK!
:.Brickercup.: Brick Icon :.Butchubbles.: Butch Icon: No
:.Blossomoomer.: Boomer Icon: *tackles Brick and Butch*     

Made with FireAlpaca
Soooo did anyone watch the Super Bowl last night

It almost topped last year 


Final score: Eagles 42, Patriots 38 (or something around there lol) 


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[] = You like Coke better than Pepsi. (Neither. I like Fanta.)

[] = You like bacon and broccoli. (Bacon: YAS Broccoli: NU)

[x] = You don't think it's awkward to hug your friends. 

[] = You've picked up trash one time and called it your "lucky".

[] = You refer to your friends as your family.

[] = You can use Flash Animation without ripping out your hair. Literally.  

[] = You don't like looking at blood.

[] = You've broken at least one bone before.

[] = You always insist on paying for other people's stuff. Even if you don't want to. 

[] = You're obedient and will listen to whatever people tell you. 

[] = You're in at least one advanced math class. (You're kidding, right?)

[x] = You're the artist in your group of friends (well one of them anyway XD)


[] = You'll accept anything from anyone.

[x] = You wanna live on tacos and cookies. 

[] = You speak more than one language. (Does Pig Latin count?)

[] = You're shy around new people. 

[x] = You are really stubborn. (At times...)

[x] = You put all of your work to the last second. (Except drawing lol) 

[x] = Your room is "clean" already. (Logic: If you can't see it, it's clean...)

[] = You plan on getting married and having kid(s). 

[x] = You never get too old to buy toys at the store instead of clothes. (OF COURSE)

[] = You play Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, Halo…any violent games. 

[] = You hate going to the doctor. 

[x] = Math is your worst subject. (Yes. Definitely. ABSOLUTELY.)


[] = You don't like Christmas. 


[x] = You like being really random and you never get sick of it. (well DUH XD)

[] = Once you decide that you don't like someone, you won't talk to that person. 

[] = You don't pick favorites. 

[x] = You are lazy and won't do anything you don't have to do. (In real life. I mean, I don't have to do this meme, but I'm doing it anyway...)

[x] = You aren't satisfied with the way you look. (Parts of it...)

[] = When no one is around, you climb up the stairs on all four limbs. (I did it when I was younger... does that count?)

[x] = You have a sense of humor. 

[x] = You like making videos. Directing them or writing them or whatever. (Only problem is getting them onto Youtube...)

[] = You've gotten drunk before. 

[x] = You lose things a lot. (Yes... well more like my dad takes them but his logic would be "what are you talking about Mary you lost them" so it counts)


[] = You look in the mirror nonstop.

[x] = You're never too old to go trick-or-treating. (IKR?!) 

[] = You like picking things up wherever you go.

[] = You worry that someday you will "look old".

[x] = You think you would make a good voice actor. (If I get the chance... lol)

[] = Out of all your friends, you're the only one that matters.

[x] = You've dropped something into the toilet before. (Completely by accident! Honest!) 

[] = You get scared easily.

[] = You've accidentally caught something on fire.

[] = For Christmas, you just want money, money, and did I mention money? 

[] = You have your name written on your underwear.

[] = You always rely on your friends when you're in trouble.

Edd- 2
Tord- 6
Tom- 7
Matt- 3


I love it! I especially like the alicorn part. People usually think that alicorns and alicorn OCs are OP but that's not true. (Okay, ma...


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